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Watching Worship

Lockdown restrictions and church closures, has meant that new forms of worship have had to be created to keep congregants engaged. We've switched from on-site to online, and in many cases, churches are reporting an increase in numbers; this is…

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

In an effort to include children, someone came up with the Children’s Story section and, well-intentioned as it is, it goes against Scripture. In our version, children are called to the front and told to sit down so they can…

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The Worship Facilitator

Let’s assume the worshipper arrives at church and is ready to offer worship to God and, let’s further assume that the majority of the church has come with this attitude. It would be chaos if individuals just got up and…

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The Worshipper’s Obligation

In our churches, we often refer to Members and Visitors - Members have rights and privileges; Visitors are not permanent. When it comes to worship, we need only one class of people, a worshipper, and worshippers have obligations - to…

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The Worshipper

In contrast to the Spectator, the Worshipper is under the influence of the Holy Spirit and is therefore spirit-motivated to know how to behave and how to express worship to the Spirit-God. These are some of the characteristics of the…

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The Spectator

The key to worshipping together and benefiting each other is the personal worship that has been taking place in the week. Generally, there are two classes of people in our churches and they each speak a different language and come…

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Battle of the Thrones

We are Called to worship When God sent his representatives (Moses and Aaron) to Pharaoh, it was with the message to, “Let my people go that they may serve, or worship Me” (Exodus 8:1). Throughout the wilderness years, the people…

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War in Heaven

It seems inconceivable for this to happen, but it’s true, there was war in heaven (Revelation 12:7). Lucifer and his hosts were involved in a struggle - not to the death or with the shedding of blood, but over sovereignty,…

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