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[email protected]

This email address is perfect for connecting with a live show.  Please include your full name in the body of the email, so we can acknowledge you on air.

+44 7311 409 409

All listeners can connect via WhatsApp voice and text messages to engage with a ‘live’ show. You can also use this number to speak ‘live’ on air.

[email protected]

This is the best email for general inquiries, such as requests for further information and special offers. Where necessary, please include your postal address. If we cannot resolve your query to your satisfaction, you can contact the regulator.

Tell us your story

We are also looking for stories of how faith in God has made a difference in lives. We’d like to record it, as a source of encouragement to other listeners. Send a brief outline to Mike Johnson.

Get Involved

Presenter 2

Life Radio is committed to reflecting life and drawing on contributions from all communities.  If you have radio experience or would like to begin a career in radio, we’d love to hear from you. Furthermore, we are looking for Presenters, Announcers, Marketeers, Audio Editors, and Web Developers.  Finally, if you don’t fit any of these, feel free to tell us what skills you could offer. We are a faith-based team, but your knowledge and expertise is what we are most interested in. Finally, all positions are voluntary and in the first instance you should email Mike Johnson.

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