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Who Are We?

Life Radio UK is a Christian Radio station, with contributors drawn from various Christian traditions. Our message is simple; that Jesus is coming again, and our goal is to prepare you for that event. But first, we must address the practical issues faced by listeners. We chose the name, Life Radio because we wanted to tackle the issues of everyday life, and to offer some possible solutions. We were registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. We currently broadcast 24/7 on the internet, but with ambitions to transition to a multiple format (DAB, Apps, and Internet) in the near future. One of our unique features is offering emerging talent the opportunity to experience working within radio.

Our Mission

We strive to offer you a combination of radio programmes, and music, that will enable you to meet the needs, and answer some of the questions you face on a daily basis. Our programmes will cover issues around faith, family, finance, personal health, and relationships, etc.  You will also have the opportunity to join the conversation, and be an interactive participant. We will debate all ideas and respect all opinions; cultural diversity will be valued, and the disadvantaged will be included.

Mission Statement:
Where your physical and spiritual wellbeing begins.

Scope of Operation

The ultimate aim of Life Radio UK is to be a national broadcaster on the small-scale Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) platforms. We hold a Digital Broadcast Licence which grants us access to various multiplexes, subject to capacity. Our broadcast model is for remote presenters to broadcast from their homes and connect to the central studio. We will be non-geographical in terms of coverage area.

Our Aim is twofold…
1. To be a national, and culturally diverse, Christian radio station
2. To empower local Christian communities with broadcasting skills

Meet the Team

Mike Johnson – Founder & CEO
I have been involved in radio ministry in the UK for over 30 years and was a co-founder of Adventist Radio Milton (ARMK), for which I won an Andrew Cross Award in 2000.  I have served as the Radio Sponsor for the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, during which time I developed and managed, Light FM.  Most recently, I served as the Programme Director for Adventist Radio London, with responsibility for programme development and commissioning, in addition to presenting. Meet the Trustees.

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